Pod Program

Artworks is holding a Micro-Learning Program beginning August 31st for ages 7-12. This Micro-Learning Program facilitates virtual learning provided by the county, at the same time, filling some of the gaps virtual learning entails.

Artworks Micro Program will deliver a way for parents to go back to work while providing a safe environment for children to socialize and learn. Each classroom will have a maximum of 7 students. Every student will have his/her own workstation. While students are online with their classes, an Artworks instructor will be on-hand to help with connectivity issues and any other questions which arise. During breaks instructors will have activities to help bolster learning, such as yoga, running, and other exercises.

Safety Protocols

-A Limited number of students

-Temperatures taken before entering the facility

-Cleaning all surfaces throughout the day

-Mandatory handwashing

-Face Masks

-Only Students and Staff allowed inside the building

-No sharing of supplies

-Outdoor Classes as often as possible



7740 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, MD, 20814
(301) 656 0044




$425/Week $90/Day

**Students are required to have their own chrome book, laptop computer, or other virtual learning device, along with headphones