Ages 3-4 Art Class

Toddler classes offer young children exposure to a variety of art mediums to help develop their fine motor skills while providing a fun and welcoming atmosphere to interact with other children their age. Our lessons focus on learning basic artistic concepts– including shape recognition and creation, color mixing, cutting and gluing—while creating a finished work to take home each week.

Parent/guardians are welcome to interact in the class setting, otherwise, Artworks asks them to wait on-site in our waiting room or be accessible during class time. Classes are held weekly and are 45 minutes long. This is a good introduction to the structure of a classroom setting while encouraging the beginning sparks of creativity and self-expression.

$185 for 8 week, 45 minute weekly sessions
Price of class includes all art materials
Our classes run month to month throughout the year. Students can start at any time as classes are designed to suit each pupil’s individual level and ability.

If you are interested in our art classes for ages 3-4, please contact us at