Valentines Cards

Valentines Day is only 4 days away….yikes! If you’re anything like my family, we are always trying to finish up our class Valentines at the last minute. Instead of scrambling to CVS the night before and buying up any leftover box of premade cards, here are a few simple Valentines sure to please. They may take a little longer, but they are definitely worth it.

First is a puzzle Valentine, it reads “I Love you to pieces”. This is probably the easiest, in terms of supplies needed. I used an old pink manila folder and traced the shape of a puzzle piece along the edge, so it would open like a card. We then printed the slogan, but instead of using the word love, we put a heart.

puzzle valentine

puzzle valentine





Next up.. this Valentine reads, “You’re A GEM”(due to the ring pop theme). For this project I used stamps because I wanted my 5 year old to do all 18 herself and I knew if I asked her to sign that many cards, it wouldn’t get done till next month. However, if you don’t have letter stamps readily available (aka not many parents), a print out would work just as well. To make the “bling” show better, we unwrapped the store packaging and put the rings in clear plastic bags, along with the card. We then sealed the bag with a sticker.

Last, is a Valentine I did a few years ago. I had found a bag of chocolate “Luscious Lips” and thought it would be cute to attach to a photo of my daughter to make it look like she was blowing a kiss. This is easier than it looks. I had her decorate a card, while I cut out an image of her and hot glued the envelope with the kiss (get it… SWAK). Maybe a little corny, but it is for Valentines Day. DSC_0926 DSC_0922 DSC_0923 DSC_0927

Happy Valentines!! SWAK, Erin