Schools out day camp

What do you do when schools are out and you still have to go to work? Send the kids to Artworks! We have a funtastic art filled day on those days when school's are not in session. The following are dates we will be holding School's Out Day Camps for both our Mclean and Bethesda locations


December 23
December 26
December 27
January 20
January 21
March 28

December 23
December 26
December 27
January 30
January 31
April 7

The day consists of:

9am-10:15am (Pastel drawing)
10:30-10:40 (Break for snack, and outside/attic)
10:40-12pm (Morning Project)
12pm-1pm (Lunch, Games, Outside/Attic)
1pm-2:30pm (Afternoon Project)
2:30pm-2:45pm (Clean up)
2:45pm -3pm (Getting ready for pick up)

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